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Policies, Procedures and Forms
P001 - Policy Framework
PR501 - Policy Development and Management
501A - Policy Template
501B - Policy Sign-Off Sheet
501E - Policy Review Process Flowchart
501F - Policy Development Process Flowchart
P002 - Mission and Values
P003 - Literacy Foundation
P004 - Mathematics Foundation
P005 - Arts Foundation
P006 - Advertising
PR507 - Advertising
P010 - Leasing of Surplus School Properties
P011 - Community Use of Board Facilities (Permits)
P012 - Budget Approval
P013 - Optional Attendance
PR545 - Optional Attendance
545B - Optional Attendance: App. for a Secondary Prog at a School Out ... NEW!
545C - Optional Attendance and Withdrawal from Child Care (Sample ...
545A - Optional Attendance: Application for an Elementary Program at a ... NEW!
PR597 - French Immersion/Extended French
P014 - Staff Changes
PR516 - Academic Supervisory Officer Selection and Transfer of Superintendents
P055 - Supervisory Officer Selection
P015 - Hiring of Students
P017 - Purchasing
P018 - Trustee Constituency Communications
P019 - Continuing Education
P022 - Child Care in Schools
PR691 - Child Care: Expanding Existing Space and Establishing New Space in ...
691A - Child Care Space Survey
P023 - Parent and Community Involvement
PR558 - Parent and Community Involvement
P024 - Educational Programming Partnerships
PR700 - Educational Programming Partnership Criteria
P025 - Investment of Reserve Funds
P026 - Architect Selection
PR513 - Architects and Engineering Consultants Selection
P027 - Education Plan
P028 - The Environment
PR603 - Go Green: Climate Change Action Plan
PR701 - Green Cleaning
P031 - Human Rights
P034 - Workplace Harassment Prevention
PR515 - Workplace Harassment Prevention and Human Rights
515A - Workplace Harassment Formal Complaint Form
515B - Hate Group Activity Interim Report Form
P035 - Nutrition Foundation
P036 - Homework
P037 - Equity Foundation
P029 - Employment Equity
P070 - Student Leadership
P038 - Achieving Excellence in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
P039 - Electronic Participation in Board Meetings
P040 - Accountability for Student Achievement
PR613 - Academic Honesty
PR614 - Evaluation of Late and Missed Assignments
PR615 - Protocol for Assigning a Lower Limit Below 50 Percent for Reporting ...
P041 - Distribution and Display of Materials for Students and Parents From External ...
PR565 - Distribution and Display of Materials for Students and Parents From ...
P042 - Appropriate Dress
PR596 - Appropriate Dress
596A - Template for a School Dress Policy
P043 - Charitable Foundation
P046 - Directional Statements
P047 - Naming Schools and Special Purpose Areas
PR592 - Naming Schools and Special Purpose Areas
P048 - Occupational Health and Safety
P049 - Performance Management: Director of Education
P051 - Caring and Safe Schools
PR594 - Suspension Appeal Meetings
PR595 - Expulsion Hearings
P052 - Selection, Promotion and Placement of School Principals and Vice-principals
P053 - Student Trustee and SuperCouncil Communications
P057 - Employee Conflict of Interest
PR673 - Employee and Community Partners Conflict of Interest
P058 - Cellphone Use During Meetings
P059 - Early Years
PR576 - Parenting and Family Literacy Centres Distribution
P061 - Students Without Legal Immigration Status
P062 - Alternative Schools
PR584 - Alternative Schools
P063 - Pre-Examination Moratorium On Major Assignments and Activities
P066 - Reporting of Suspected Wrongdoing (Whistleblowing)
P067 - Learning Opportunities Index
PR526 - Learning Opportunities Index
P068 - Accommodation and Program Review
PR598 - Pupil Accommodation Review
P071 - Gender-based Violence
PR608 - Sexual Misconduct by Students
P072 - Workplace Violence Prevention
P073 - Respectful Learning And Working Environment
P074 - Honoraria for Trustees
P075 - Board Member Code of Conduct
P076 - Community Planning and Partnerships
P077 - Voluntary First Nation, Métis and Inuit Self-Identification Policy
P078 - Community Engagement
P079 - Fair Dealings (Copyright)
PR616 - Fair Dealings Guidelines (Copyright)
PR683 - Copyright and Public Performance Rights for Video Materials
P080 - French-as-a-Second Language
PR597 - French Immersion/Extended French
P081 - Anti-Fraud Measures
P082 - Executive Signing Authority
PR711 - Delegation of Authority Procedure
P083 - Accessibility for Persons With Disabilities
P084 - Integrated Accessibility Standards
P085 - Student Attendance and Safe Arrival
P086 - Governance Policy
P087 - Concussions
P088 - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
P089 - External Auditor Independence