New & Revised Documents

These documents have been recently developed or revised.
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PR598 Pupil Accommodation Review (545.5 KB)
To provide guidance when undertaking a Pupil Accommodation Review.
583A Staff Report Template (43 KB)
Form PR583A (Template)
P068 Accommodation and Program Review (624.2 KB)
To provide guidance and to set parameters for processes leading to changes in the location of schools and programs, consolidation of schools, and changes in the grades and/or programs within specific schools.
PR545 Optional Attendance (258.5 KB)
To outline the process for optional attendance at regular and specialized schools and programs
545B Optional Attendance: App. for a Secondary Prog at a School Out of Area (incl Gr9 Intermed. schools) (87.6 KB) NEW!
Form re PR545. For more information regarding optional attendance please contact the local school.
545A Optional Attendance: Application for an Elementary Program at a School Outside the Resident Area (76.7 KB) NEW!
Optional Attendance Form 545A (elementary)
560A Record of Report of Abuse or Neglect (70 KB)
Record of Report of Abuse or Neglect
515A Workplace Harassment Formal Complaint Form (74.1 KB)
Form for PR515
515B Hate Group Activity Interim Report Form (22.4 KB)
Form to PR515
PR515 Workplace Harassment Prevention and Human Rights (185.7 KB)
To provide the managerial process for dealing with a workplace harassment.